May 6, 2010

Sachin Vs Ponting - The debate finally ends

Sachin Vs Ponting is the hottest debate goes on in the cricket world. There is an army of supporters for both who desperately and violently defend their heroes. One such coversation is

Sachin Fan - He is the God!!! If he is not there cricket will die in India. He is the higest scorer in International cricket.

Ponting Fan - He may be the God but he is very much human when you compare with Ponting. Ponting will surpass all his runs in a year or two.

Sachin Fan - Hahahahaha..... Sachin will play for another 5 to 10 years. He can and we will ensure he plays even with one hand and retires with all the records in his bag.

Ponting Fan - Yeah we know mate.. Your sachin is a stat monger thats why he is playing cricket for so long.

SF - Dont tell me like that, if not for The God, there is no indian cricket. He is the best behaved cricketer in the world. Not like the cheater Ponting, who claims grounded catches. The whole world saw how pathetic the australian team was in Sydney 2008.

PF - Yeah we also saw how Sachin lied in Monkey gate. I lost all my respect for him.

SF - Who wants your respect. He has scored everywhere and all types of attack. Not like your Ponting, who cannot play spin even if his life depends on it and he totally sucked in india.

PF - yeah yeah we know, how Sachin sucks in South Africa, he was a total failure there.

SF - Even there he hit a century and he is the first person in the world to hit 200 in an ODI.

PF - Hey.. dont be a fool,  our own Belinda Clarke  was the first to hit a 200 in an ODI, even there your sachin is not first.. hahahah... so wait for Ponting to hit 200 soon.

SF - But he has the most number of centuries in tests and ODI's, can your Ponting hit so many?

PF - Yeah yeah.. he has but can your Sachin boast of a century in a WC final?? Hahahaha. We have seen how he sucked in 2003 WC final and we RP ripped your team.

SF - It doesnt matter, in that WC he made sure we reached atleast the final. You will see SRT will crown his career with a century in the winning 2011 WC final.

PF - You sachin fans have to wait for that to happen but our Ponting already boasts of winning 3 WCs. He won 2 WCs as a captain. Sachin is the worst captain in Indian cricket. Even my 10 year old son can captain a team better than Sachin. Even we saw how he fucked up in the IPL final. Totally useless captain to say the least.

SF - (defensively) A captain is as good as a team. Even Ponting struggled after all the greats retired in your team. He just rode the talent available with your team.

PF - Even then he is a far better captain and cricketer than Sachin and he will surpass everything sachin is going to set in cricket.

SF - (sighs and thinks hard) Wait.. there is onething, Ponting can never achieve in this world.

PF - (cynically) huh... what is that??

SF - Sachin has more than 100 thousand followers in twitter within 3 days of opening his account. I bet my life that Ponting can never surpass that even in his entire life......

PF - aarrggghhh... sighs and resigns to his fate. Sorry mate... i accept Ponting will never have so many followers in his life.. I concede.

SF- hahahahaah.... heyyyyyyyyyyy....woooo hooo wooo hooo Sachin sachin....sachin... Sachin is the greatest.. Sachin is God.. See.. Sachin has won... Walks off with great pride and feels this is the precursor to 2011 WC triumph.

Sachin fans got another stat to feel proud about sachin. Long live sachin and long live his legions of fans.


  1. but why was pollard held back in IPL Final, Sachin was involved in fixing that match

  2. SF:
    Tendulkar is the most complete batsman: Ponting

    ponting himself gave this statement...

    Sachin is lord of the cricket.

  3. sachin can do anything accept cheating but ponting could not do anything accept cheating examples 2008 sydney test

  4. nonsense....sachin's record of followers in india...when thers no dearth of fools...why would be there a dearth of followers...i am an indian and love ricky wat say abt tat???