Apr 27, 2010

Modi twitter psychology - An analysis

In India, twitter became the source of information for the so called "Breaking" News media. It has gained so much popularity because of few celeberities from film world, Modi and our ex twitter minister.

Modi was a very important twitterer who prefered to even give press releases through twitter. But if you see his recent posts during the scandal, we can peek into his state of mind.

April 11th - 51 tweets - This was the time when he was still king of Indian cricket and people in all walks of life wanted to be seen with him. Chatting and replying to every1 in all sorts of IPL matter. But he would not have been aware of the time bomb he is going to set which will burst in his face. In that fateful day he posted about Tharoor and his connection with kochi franchise believing he is clearing the path for someone else.

April 12th - 1 - Oh shit, the whole country gone crazy and Modi and Tharoor in the center of whirlpool of scandal and lies. Eveyone jumping on him for breaking the unwritten code of conduct in cricket business. Political masters makes him to go totally silent.

April 17th – 2 - comes out of the hiding but not much to write, the whole government machinery on his trail. Keeping his mouth shut and not want to speculate much.

April 18th - 26 - yesterdays bomb blasts in Bangalore makes him to re-enter into his territory of crisis management and tweets away his thoughts and actions. On the sideline makes a remark about someone hacking his twitter account. Still feels and thinks he is the boss and everything in IPL is centered around him and tries to limit the damage caused by his act.

April 19th – 2 - Lots of background negotiations but nothing happening but still keeps up his stature as numero uno and allays all fears regarding IPL.

April 24th – 13 - It finally dawns on him that he is cut loose by his political masters and he is no more one among them. So twittering away all the thanks for the wishes and support. In the meanwhile tries to serve the final threat of bringing down everyone associated with him.

April 25th – 7 - Makes a brave face even though knowing this will be the final day as chairman of IPL.

April 26th – 4 - The day as a normal man telling about how he enjoys the day off.

April 27th – 4 - But cannot get out of the IPL chairman mode, makes posts about IPL facts and figures. Still living in the world of IPL imagining the day is not far off to take over the reins soon.

There is a saying in tamil, " Adana kaalum, paduna vaayum summa irukkathu" meaning, those who dance and those who sing cannot keep quiet for a long time.

Now Modi is in that stage, itching his palm to get back into the center of the cricket universe.


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